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An International Top 20 Amazon Best Selling Author, Audible Listener Favourite and TaleFlick Discovery Nominee.

Anita Gray is an English born and bred lady? who loves coffee and bottled beer (not at the same time, obviously). Her passions, or more, distractions, are undoubtably The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, any romance novel or moving with a brooding hero, and making people laugh so hard they pee their pants. She couldn't live without her needy fiancé, Shane - oh, and let's not forget Mollie and Bella, her dogs, Prince Caesar, her cat, Bonnie and Clyde, her fish (yes, her house is like a zoo) and her crazy-loving stepson, Bradleigh, who is expecting his first little nipper (God help him).

You'll rarely find Anita at a book signing - or anywhere else for that matter - because she barely leaves the house. Don't call or text her, either; she is notorious for leaving her phone on silent and not returning the gesture. 

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A wise friend once gave me a fridge magnet that said,
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
She was right.

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