Anita Gray is an International Top 20 Amazon Best Selling Author, Audible Listener Favourite, and TaleFlick Discovery Nominee. Her titles are available as audiobooks and are currently being translated in numerous languages.

She quotes: “If you like Romance with a dash of dark, read BLAIRE. I promise, it will be 'that one book' you’ll be glad you took a chance on.”

Food fanatic, music lover, and book addict, Anita lives in The Garden of England with too much wine, Mollie and Bella (her dogs), Prince Caesar (the almighty cat), and her best friend, Shane (well, he’s actually her boyfriend but needless to say, he’s her whacky best friend, too). Anita is obsessed with Disney films, The Originals, and The Walking Dead (mostly The Walking Dead). When she’s not binge watching all her favourite things on repeat, she’s either reading everything from Jane Austin to Anna Zaires, or she’s mind-deep writing what she hopes is unique, suspenseful romance with kick-ass heroines and badass heroes.


Now, enough third-person talk. If you’re a BLAIRE fan, know I’m finishing up The Dark Romance Series; BLAIR3 is coming and I’m working hard to ensure it’s explosive. In the meantime, you can read spin-off novels from BLAIRE’S WORLD, written a group of incredibly talented authors. Find them here


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Life has no meaning without love and family.

––Anita Gray