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blaire part 1 ebook cover.png
Part 1 in The Dark Romance Series

☆ A Top 20 Amazon Bestselling Series 

☆ A TaleFlick Discovery Nominee 

☆ An Audible Listener Favorite 

“Compelling Dark Romance.”

New York Times Bestselling Author, Anna Zaires

“Screen worthy 5 star read.”

BestSellers and BestStellars Book Blog

“Your next addiction.”

Editorial Review

Bought. Conditioned. Sold to the enemy—who will change my life forever.

When I was a child, Maksim-Markov purchased me on the black market for my skills.
For the following 10 years, he conditioned me with brutality to work for him, worship him, and protect him.
And I did all that and more.

Now, he’s my master.
If he demands pleasure, I give it to him.
If he’s out for blood, I deliver it warm and ready on my hands.
No questions asked, I do whatever he says.
I am the perfect pet—until he bargains me in aid of clearing a debt.

The new man in my life is a cartel leader.
He owns my body and my soul for three months.

For whatever reason, he’s determined to break me.
He wants me to choose him over Maksim.
Maybe I will?
Maybe I won’t?

Or maybe secrets will be revealed, and I’ll just kill everyone who’s ever dared to tamper with my life.

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