Guidelines and Self-Help


In short, you're writing a spin-off novella, but here's the nitty-gritty.

Please ensure you have joined the BLAIRE’S WORLD CREATION group on Facebook, so we can immediately communicate with each other: CLICK HERE



It’s gritty, with an underworld full of criminals, so you must write to the genre theme: mafia, crime, kidnapped thriller, erotica, action and adventure…et cetera.


How to tie your story in to BLAIRE’S WORLD 101

You must tie your story in to The Dark Romance Series, to create BLAIRE’S WORLD. If you’re not sure how, here’s a little self-help guide to get you going.

They could be a slave girl from Maksim’s or Tatiana’s trade.

They could be Mexican, maybe a Los Zetas daughter, who isn’t allowed near men as her father will kill them, but she wants what she wants.

They could be related to Arjana (the girl Charlie saved from Maksim in BLAIRE Part 1).

They could be a gangster/mob leader who does business with Charlie or Tatiana.

They could be one of BLAIRE’S past victims.

They could be any of the above, and more, but you must mention how they tie to Blaire or Charlie, in order to tie them into BLAIRE’S WORLD.


Your story timeframe

All stories must continue after BLAI2E, Part 2 in The Dark Romance Series. 


Word count

30-50k word count.


HEA rules

Every story must have a HEA or HFN. (Happily ever after or Happy for now).


Fresh story

Your story in BLAIRE’S WORLD must be new, never before published, with no crossover characters from any of your work/s. If you want to do this, please speak to Anita.


Manuscript deadline

You must email your manuscript to (Microsoft Word document, double line spaced in Times New Roman) between October 15th – November 1st. Anita suggests, the earlier the better, just in case you need to make changes/edits. If you finish your manuscript months in advance, please, send it over then. 


Expected publication date

December 2018.


Darkness level

The level of darkness is your decision, but bear in mind that Amazon is clamping down on this kind of genre, so if your book gets banned for rape/hardcore BDSM, it’s ultimately down to you to try and fix the issue.



You must ensure your manuscript is edited to a high standard. No typos, passive voice, lazy sentence structures…et cetera. You know what you’re doing. All manuscripts are subject to Anita’s approval.

Final approval

If upon the final check Anita finds storyline error/s, you must agree to fix the error/s. For example, if you state that Charlie Decena is an Albanian mob leader, Anita will insist you fix this, as he is a Mexican cartel leader. If you state Blaire has got black hair, Anita will insist you fix this, as she has got red hair.

Also, if Anita and her editor feel your story is in further need of development, they will each offer feedback to help you develop your story to a high standard.


You are responsible for paying for your cover. Anita is working with a cover designer to ensure all covers fit the series. She’s hoping they’ll be super cheap (around $30-$40 each) but outstandingly beautiful.


Characters you CANNOT write:







You will receive a 75% royalty on all sales derived from YOUR work. If a boxset is created, the royalties will be split equally between all participating authors and Anita gray.


Buy in

All buy ins must be sent to via PayPal by 1st September 2018. $150 for authors with a NYT or USA Today bestseller tag. $250 for authors without to pay for marketing across the board.



You will receive a contract, noting all the relevant and legal information on the guidelines, including your buy in amount and royalty share, at some point in May 2018.


Series lifespan

BLAIRE’S WORLD: series 1, will go on sale for between 3-6 months. An exact timeframe will be decided before you receive your contract.


Where will the series be published?

BLAIRE’S WORLD will be sold exclusively on Amazon (across the world). Every novel in BLAIRE’S WORLD will also be enrolled in KU to exploit the earning potential (Anita earns at least 50% of her income via KU).


Please note: All conditions are subject to change.

Feedback is appreciated. And discretion must be employed. 

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