O N E  O F  T H E  M O S T  A N T I C I P A T E D  S E R I E S'  O F  2019

M y  n a m e  i s  O l i v e r.


I was a guard to Maksim Markov; king of the Russian underworld in Europe.

I’ve seen things that would turn a cast iron stomach.

I’ve stood by idly and watched endless acts of depravity.

I’ve created hell on Earth in exchange for fortune.

I’ve maimed, tortured, taken, and I’ve killed.

My mind is dark, my inclinations perverse, and my soul is black.

There’s no salvation for me—until Amaya enters my life; a raven-haired beauty with blue eyes that sparkle like sapphires. She’s the epitome of what my life isn’t.

I’m not worthy of her, and she certainly deserves better than me, but that’s never stopped me before.

When I want something, I take it, and right now, I want her—and I won’t let anything or anyone prevent me from making her mine.

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