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If you're signed up to my newsletter, you got the news. For those of you who aren't, I'm posting to let you know...😘

The Holidays are looming, so there’s no better time to let you know what’s going on in my crazy world. I’m sad to say that BLAIR3 will not be published in 2018. I’m currently working hard to make the 3rd part to Blaire’s story even better than part 1 and part 2, but I will admit, I’ve had serious writer's block. Near the beginning of 2018, I wrote over 167K words of five different story lines, then I fell extremely ill. On top of that, there have been sad family issues, public issues, and two of my cats (who were like my children) also fell ill and had to be put to sleep. 😢 It totally broke my heart. This whole year has been a struggle to say the least, but I have managed to get better, deal with the loss of my babies, and focus on writing. Now, my writer's block is at a distance, and all those words I wrote at the beginning of the year have led to the story I am developing now. Though I probably shouldn’t, I will tell you it’s mind-blowing and intense, emotional, and romantically consuming. I never in my wildest dreams imagined the story would go this way, and I really hope all that hard work will pay off for you. My goal is to publish in 2019, as early as possible, but I can’t commit to any promises.  In other news, BLAIRE’S WORLD is finished! I can finally announce it is coming to you February 26th 2019. 😱 The cover reveal and pre order links will be here 16th December 2018. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing every single book is. The BLAIRE’S WORLD authors and the BLAIRE’S WORLD manager, Eli, have done an incredible job. An early reviewer says the whole series is “Intoxicating, erotic, action packed, and utterly addictive!” I just know you and other BLAIRE fans are going to love it. To keep you in the loop, below, you will see a teaser banner, cover reveal date, and options to sign up for an ARC. Please note, ARCs are limited and selected at random.

ARC Opportunity (excuse the long-ass link - inserts eye roll):

Finally, on December 16th - my birthday 🙃 - I'm going to host a Q&A for you! Please come and ask me anything - I will send you an email reminder, so don't forget to sign up to my newsletter. The Q&A will be held in my Facebook reader group. Do join if you haven't already. 

Anita Gray's Cave:

That’s all from me. I hope you have amazing Holidays, and may the new year make all your dreams come true. Next year, I'm hoping for better health, better luck, and to bring you many stories that will steal your days and nights.

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