O N E  O F  T H E  M O S T  A N T I C I P A T E D  S E R I E S'  O F  2019
S e v e n  y e a r s.  S i x  h i t s.
A hundred secrets. Syndicate leaders blackmailed. Wives and children set up to take the fall. A spy among the most dangerous of men. Sometimes seductress. Sometimes assassin. I'm the girl at the party everyone looks at, but no one remembers. I was trained to be ruthless, stripped of emotion and empathy, and yet something inside me, something logic and reason will never touch, yearns to be more than the beautiful facade crafted by my master. I want some part of the fantasy to be real. A touch. A kiss. A glance just for me. But none of it’s ever for me because there is no me. I am olvidado. Forgotten.
Until I meet the one man who refuses to forget me.

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